Country vacations Muscat: Paradise for Travelers

Country Vacations Muscat always works hard to make it easier for people of all classes to afford our services. So, at our properties, guests are offered with one of the most luxurious facilities at cheap and reasonable prices which are within your means. Country Vacations Muscat members get even huge benefits. They get additional discounts on each and every purchase they make. When it comes to luxuries, we don’t compromise on anything. We offer a huge number of benefits at reasonable prices and hence our hotels are the most visited ones in India and abroad. People also check-in to our affiliated and associated properties and give us wonderful feedback of the facilities and conveniences. So, are you planning a vacation sooner or later? Come, dwell in our glorious hotels and get the real sense of what a vacation will be like.

Country Vacations Muscat has been constantly devoted towards fitness centres that are much popular across the world to give our members the best valued fitness benefits. Country Vacations is much pleased that the Membership Card has been providing the best value and serving them to the core in terms of vacations and daily fitness goals. Our one membership card gives you access to holidays, events, clubbing and fitness centers. We are growing faster with the recent association with many more fitness centres. Your trip with Country Vacations Muscat will definitely make ever-lasting memories. So book your vacations now and make a trip to enjoy the best holidays delve into luxury and hospitality.


Country Vacations Muscat: Experience World Class amenities

Country Vacations Muscat is tactically located in the centre of the city and easily travel options are available to the nearby places. Various tourist attractions and business centers are close by to our hotel. Some of them are: museums, shopping malls, beautiful beaches. Luxurious accommodation, leisure dining and entertainment services are provided for the guests. Country Vacations Muscat has many multi-cuisine restaurants in its properties that have won many awards; fitness centres, spa, steam and sauna; nightclubs are present inside the club for our guests. Anytime is the best time to visit and stay in our hotels, resorts and clubs as we have lots of events every month. Plan your holiday now with Country Vacations and revel in the amazing celebrations.

Country Vacations Muscat has world class wellness facilities that anybody would love to enjoy. The fine dining, the perfect ambience, the royal accommodation and the plentiful wellness centres are just a glimpse of what we offer in welcoming our guests. Our spa is a fully equipped with Ayurvedic health spa which pamper the guests with body massage and aroma therapy. Apart from that world-class, weight training will be given at our fitness centre. Personal training will be provided for which a complete separate price should be paid depending on your requirement. Steam and sauna are the perfect relaxation which we offer along with a roof top swimming pool which is very well maintained with modern facilities such as Moveable floor. Country Vacations Muscat is the perfect stay option that matches everyone as we provide many facilities which satisfied people of all age groups.

Country Vacations Muscat: Each event is celebrated in grand way

The New Year is going to be even bigger at Country Vacations Muscat this time. We are all prepared to host Asia’s Biggest New Year Bash and the preparations have already commenced. Let’s together join for this New Year at Country Club and take the celebrations to a whole new level. You can get the opportunity to dine with your favorite celeb. If you are lucky, you can even dance with them.Country Vacations Muscat office will provide you with enough information regarding the celebs who will be attending at the venue. Book your tickets now and have loads of fun for this New Year.

Country Club has been the finest social clubbing destination and will continue to be. With plethora of conveniences, Country Vacations Muscat is the best family club for comforting guests in terms of health and leisure. Country Vacations Muscat comes with loads of surprises for its guests especially in festive times. We are known to celebrate all the Indian festivals with Great Spirit and Joy. Every festival has the biggest lineup of Indian movie stars performing live at Country Club. Every day, we have lots of surprises waiting for you at Country Club. Every day, special entertainment events are organized and members are invited for special treats. Few daily events include: Food Festivals, Dance Competitions, Live Musical Nights, Magic Shows, Cookery Shows and Karaoke Evenings. Make Country Club your one stop destination for

Country Vacations Muscat – An ideal destination for your family and friends.

There are many places to see in the world. Don’t visit the same places again and again to bore yourself. There are a lot more things to do and many more things to see in your life. Country Vacations Muscat is one such destination for you and. Country Vacations Muscat  makes your holidays amazing with generous hospitality. Dig into our zone of vacations with Country Vacations Muscat Membership card. Do you and your kids love to play water sports? Yes! Who wouldn’t love to have the joy of playing in water? Our roof top swimming pool is very perfect for your enjoyment. We promise that your kids love to play in the pool. We have much concern for our guests and hence we maintain our pool very clean and tidy. So, you don’t need to worry about your kid’s health. Just dip into our water and play along with your kids.

You can also relax around the pool drinking the amazing beverages we provide which are served as per your taste; and you don’t need to concern about the temperatures outside because we maintain the balancing temperature that pacifies your children. At Country Vacations Muscat, cool retreats are awaiting for you. Our ambience and accommodation will give you the best holiday experience. Just visit our Club and we believe that you rate us under the most liked hotels you ever travelled. Visit our place with people of all ages because we have something for each one of you. Kids play zone is one of the most amazing one. Children can play with the play stations; they can go, sit in the open gardens and play around. We do every bit that makes your holiday a perfect one. So, plan you next expedition to Oman and experience Country Club to the fullest.

Country vacations Muscat: An Ideal Place to plan holidays with your family

People who enjoyed in our resorts, hotels and clubs gave us some valuable and memorable feedback which will be remembered by us forever! A couple visited our property with their children and what they said is overwhelming; “Country Vacations Muscat was excellent and a memorable experience for us. It was a surprise package. We never expected that kind of thrill out of that place. We were kept busy with lot of activities out there. You had fantastic staff there, very cooperative. Rooms were apt to the forest. Day time we had huge watch-tower to go up and enjoyed the bird view of that place. We went for trekking in the forest and a beautiful pool to plunge and cool our heels. Ambience of the entire property is superb with lot of beautiful planted trees. Every property at Country Vacations makes you feel it’s the ideal place to plan a holiday with family. Call Country Vacations Muscat Support Service to book your holiday now.

Country Vacations Muscat is one destination where vacations are just a treat. Country Vacations can be termed as the vacations capital of India. Not just holidays, people visit our properties to rejoice their every occasion whatever it may be; from a small birthday party, buffets to small, medium and large-scale corporate parties, events and functions. We make merry for every small and big festival.Country Vacations Muscat will give you truly an incredible experience for party lovers and travel goers. We host our members the finest dining and accommodation services with spectacular view of surrounding neighborhoods. Our ambience is extremely welcoming. We serve our guests with highest amount of care and give them the greatest comforts and for this reason, people love to visit our clubs, hotels and resorts again and again.

Country Vacations Muscat – Revitalizing Vacations in Middle East

Country Vacations Muscat has planned your vacations perfectly in one of the most pleasing destination in the Country. We have luxurious accommodation which is accompanied by abundant activities and events which are held in our clubs that will rejoice every day of your stay in our hotel. Your vacations aren’t fun if there is no freedom to enjoy. Hence, Country Vacations  presents with many refreshment opportunities for their guests. Rejuvenation facilities like roof-top swimming pool, Fitness Centre, Spa, etc, makes it an ideal family hub for spending time with the family. Your kids get the freedom to play, rejoice and have boundless fun at our hotel. We have set indoor and outdoor gaming facility that are especially for kids to enjoy without getting them moody. Country Vacations Muscat is undeniably the finest place for your kids to enjoy games.

Country Vacations Muscat has associated itself with large fitness centers to provide the finest fitness benefits to the members. Country Vacations  is pleased that the Membership Card has been offering better value and service better to suit their daily fitness goals. Now,Country Vacations Muscat is moving even faster with the recent PAN India association with Talwalkars Gyms and Gold’s Gym. This has given the members an opportunity to go to the nearest Talwalkars or Gold’s Gym for their working out. Your trip with Country Vacations Muscat is sure going to make beautiful memories which will last for lifetime.

Country Vacations Muscat: World class facilities to enjoy holidays

For everyone, the moments we enjoy with our family and friends are the most precious moments of all. Country Vacations Muscat provides everything to their best and serves the guests with greatest care. Enjoy accommodation in our finest resorts and hotels and get our top-class amenities with just a call. Our house-keeping services are to the best and every guest of our feels the same.

We provide luxurious outdoor facilities to our guests which include; swimming pools, banquet halls and many outdoor game amenities. Members can utilize all the similar facilities in our associate properties too. Our fully functional resort management cell takes care of your need either big or small.Country Vacations Muscat also provides you with a membership card. Just get it and you could enjoy additional benefits and save more on your vacation.

Country Vacations Muscat is a leading global network in leisure industry covering Family clubbing, holidays, entertainment and health rejuvenation. With 500+ properties spread across India and abroad,Country Vacations Muscat is the most popular name in the recreation industry. We are operating over 70 own chain of Clubs, Fitness Centres, Resorts and Star hotels across Bangkok, Sri Lanka, Middle East and India.

Go anywhere in India and you would find at least one of our property; an associated property or affiliated clubs, hotels, fitness centres and resorts. Your wellness will be completely taken care by our amazing hospitality staff.

Our destinations are the places where you don’t remember days, but only remember amazing moments you have enjoyed. The best accommodation in an outstanding ambience and wondrous facilities; we believe that no other can match or nearly come close to what we provide to our guests and that’s been our success secret.